MoPH, PAHO strive for successful MDA coverage again


THE second of five annual rounds of the Mass Drug Administration (MDA) to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (LF)- commonly known as ‘Filaria’- was launched on Friday at the Square of the Revolution. Head of Neglected Infectious Diseases, Vector Control Services (VCS) […]

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A medium for change


The MARCH (Modeling and Reinforcement to Combat HIV/AIDS) project was initiated in Guyana in 2006 to specialise in Behaviour Change Communication. Interventions with the aim of inspiring behavioural change are imperative. Many social issues demand such interventions. In many instances, […]

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Actress Simone Persaud excels at comedy


Actress Simone Persaud is known for her comedic roles and even more so she’s famous on the Merundoi Radio Serial where she plays Sister Patsy. Simone, who is also a seamstress, had taken on the job of creating the costumes […]

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