Indicators of Measurement

Merundoi’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan is designed to provide feedback on the progress of programme implementation and ultimately to determine areas of progress and areas for improvement. The plan is intended to guide persons who will be involved in M&E of any programmatic area, the project staff and implementers of Modeling and Reinforcement (MAR) activities. Thus, most of the Monitoring and Evaluation¬†will be centered on the reinforcement activities.

Reinforcement activities (RAs) include organized Listening and Discussion Groups (LDGs), Street Theatre, Live Television and Radio Programmes and the use of Merundoi as a resource to teach life skills in schools (HFLE).

In order to ensure that the goals and objectives of the MAR strategy under any programme or project are met, it is imperative that some mechanism is in place to track progress. Other reasons for developing the M&E Plan are as follows:

  • ¬†To guide the systematic collection, processing and analysis of data.
  • To inform management of the progress of a programme/project.
  • It helps focus the selection of M&E indicators on the predefined project objectives and targets.
  • It facilitates the standardization of M&E methodologies and tools across multiple implementers.
  • To meet the reporting requirements of each donor/relevant stakeholder.

The specific goals and objectives of the Merundoi’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plan are:

  • To monitor trends and explain changes in programme/project activities
  • To promote use of data in the further planning of project/programme activities
  • To strengthen the capacity of NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and other implementers that collects and uses data.

These will support the production of data that will facilitate the tracking of progress, which allows for better decision-making.