This Week's Preview

    May 16-22, 2022

    Fish ah deh ah watah but nah ah dam tap. Is Aunty Myrtle fighting a losing battle?

    Denzil tells Alexis about his relationship with Kavita. What will his sister advise?

    The young men liming “on the corner” in Merundoi are about to be “pulled in for fitness”!

    Malachi and Simon have an emotional father-son talk that results in them making serious decisions about their family but will everyone accept them?

    It’s vegetarian vs non-vegetarian. Who’s for and against? Who will be affected?

    Aunty Myrtle tries a new strategy to influence Catalina and Maurice’s relationship. Will she succeed.

    Why does Simon want to go to the USA so urgently? Is he re-uniting with his ex-wife? Where does Pepper/Abigail stand?

    Should Catalina tell Maurice that she used to be a sex-worker?