This Week's Preview

    July 22-28, 2024

    Nah every crab hole get crab! Annie please be careful!

    It’s Annie’s first day away from Skeeta and Maria and what a day it is!

    Ignatius makes an indecent proposal to Ryan about having more children to keep the name of Thomas alive!

    Maria gets a call from Annie that deeply disturbs her. What is the news?

    Are the mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and sleeplessness that Unique is experiencing really a result of postpartum “baby blues” after childbirth?

    How can Leah and Danny help the women in the village to report domestic abuse to the Toshao or Police?

    Unique and Devine are exercising in the Community Centre when guess who approaches them?

    Will Perry keep his promise to Skeeta to take Annie to the hospital to check on her irregular bleeding?

    Catalina emerges from “hiding” and who’s the first person who greets her?