This Week's Preview

    Sept 18-24th, 2023

    Nah every crab hole get crab. Should Robyn prepare for another disappointment?

    Carmen is having nightmares and may be on the verge of a mental breakdown! Who has bilingual services? Can the NGO National Coordinating Coalition help?

    Julius contacts Benecia. Is he out of prison?

    The DOTS worker visits Sonny and what she tells him is cause for him to have a serious conversation with his wife, Bibi. What is it? Has the TB treatment cured him or not?

    Why are Robyn and Matthew nervous in the Doctor’s office? Has he been taking his medication? Is their viral load supressed and can no longer infect anyone with HIV. Christopher and Dion are not

    Benecia gets a stroke of luck from an unlikely source.

    Matthew does something that has Robyn in tears….again! Has he really changed?