This Week's Preview

    July 4 – 10, 2022

    Don’t mind how bird vex, it can’t vex with tree. Is Aunty Myrtle a bird?

    What is happening at The Eastman’s home? 6am….Uncle Alexander hasn’t got up at his usual time….7am…no show…..8am…? Yesterday he wasn’t feeling well. Oh dear! Hope he is ok.

    In the wake of Shelly’s episode of alcohol and sleeping pills, Ignatius visits her. What’s next in this love/hate relationship?

    Aunty Myrtle has sought refuge at her great-niece Alexis, and they plan her next move. Is this the end of her relationship with Catalina?

    Ignatius receives a call from a Region far from Merundoi. Who’s on the other end?

    Mala is distraught by the social issues affecting her children, Kavita & Kemol. From sexual abuse to drugs and now… it an alternative lifestyle? She blames herself.

    Why is Paulette screaming? Why is Danny running?