This Week's Preview

    Sept 26 – Oct 2, 2022

    Clath ah easy fuh dutty but hard fuh wash. Behaviour change is difficult for Alexander but it’ll be worthwhile in the long run!

    Aunty Paulette thinks Uncle Alexander is not cooperating with the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet for diabetics. What he does next causes her and Danny to become very upset.

    Unique and her husband Kevin are enjoying a pleasant morning at home and she is browsing Facebook. She suddenly screams out in horror! What has Unique read?

    The Census reaches the Village of Merundoi but are the residents ready?

    HIV + TB may result in death. Get tested regularly at any Care & Treatment site.

    Catalina invites Aunty Myrtle to lunch and shares her news about her relationship with Maurice.

    What is happening with Unique? Granny D and Mr. Goldman rush to be by her side!!.

    Why is Aunty Myrtle desperately calling Xena? What’s up her sleeve?