This Week's Preview

    Mar 20-26th, 2023

    Clath ah easy fuh dutty but hard fuh wash. All eyes are on Maurice. Will he stay the course?

    Christopher and Usher have a bitter exchange! Some truths are revealed.

    It’s March 24 World TB Day and the theme is “Yes! We Can End TB!. The DOTS worker, Ms. Devi visits Robyn to check whether she’s taking her medication. What is her reaction?

    Catalina discusses her wedding plans with Aunty Myrtle. Guess who she is thinking of adding to the guest list?!

    Is Christopher HIV positive? Dion accompanies him and they do self-testing together. What’s Dion’s status?

    Goat curry finds its way to Ignatius’s heart.

    Is Aunty Myrtle finally convinced that Maurice is a recovering abuser?

    What is Matthew’s decision about doing the TB & HIV tests? How does Robyn react?

    Who’s ringing the bell at Shelly’s gate?