Our network of community facilitators and strong partnerships with local organisations enable us to work quickly and effectively in communities in all ten regions.

Our successful radio drama and street theatre attract sizable audiences, which ensure our public service activities will generate interest and participation.
Merundoi’s interpersonal community-based reinforcement is aimed at:

  • Encouraging exposure to the radio drama
  • Conveying accurate information and dispelling misinformation
  • Helping individuals apply information and integrate new ideas to their own situation
  • Fostering positive expectations with regard to new, healthier behaviour; supporting individuals as they develop self-efficacy in accessing services
  • Stimulating development of behavioural and negotiation skills
  • Reducing barriers to prevention ( e.g. stigma and discrimination) and creating a supportive environment

The Street Theatre Outreach Programme adopts an interactive approach and creates a safe space where issues and alternatives can be discussed. It has enormous potential as the audience is asked to discuss the characters’ behaviours, identify poor choices, and model better choices which they believe could lead to a better outcome.

The performances use comedy, drama, dance and music, and local colloquialisms to both entertain and educate the public. In an effort to make sensitisation campaigns more impacting, each street theatre intervention is followed by discussion forums moderated by Merundoi Incorporated Staff and Volunteers and/or relevant Resource Personnel. These forums not only serve as an evaluation mechanism for Merundoi staff by helping staff gauge the level of knowledge audiences attained through the dramas, but also provide community members with a safe venue for voicing any additional questions and concerns they might have.

Overtime we have expanded our services base to include training workshops and a variety of multi-media productions. These include Playwriting and Stage Production, Street/ Forum Theatre, Education and Sensitisation Infomercials for The Guyana Safer Injection Project (GSIP) and The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Civic Education with The Governance Enhancement Project (GEP), Documentaries, Jingles and Songs, Weekly Print Media Feature, a Website and Facebook Page, and soon a Television Sitcom.

Our range of interventions has become wider as we have applied our Modeling and Reinforcement Edutainment Strategy to health and social issues including Governance, Birth Certificate Registration, Domestic Violence, Voter Registration and Elections Participation, and Income Tax Compliance.

Merundoi’s passion and enthusiasm for positive social development, as well as the organisation’s commitment to using the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created Modeling and Reinforcement (MAR) principles as a reliable behaviour change tool, put this organisation a notch above the rest.