Merundoi Incorporated is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) specialising in Behaviour Change Communication through public education using the radio serial drama "Merundoi".

Our Vision

The premier behaviour change communication institution and authentic voice in Guyana and the Caribbean using innovative public education, drama, and other reinforcement methods.

Our Mission

Modeling, fostering, and reinforcing healthy choices and lifestyles through innovative public education, facilitating positive behaviour change, utilising the creative arts and mass media platforms.

Our Core Values


Drawing on our collective strengths is a major tenet of the organisation and forms part of the main foundation for success at Merundoi – Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).


Fostering trustworthiness, high ethical standards, and integrity among staff and other key stakeholders of the organisation.


Fairness includes no discriminatory practices (sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, HIV status, etc.) and is tantamount to transparency in dealing with all individuals in an equitable manner.


Dealing with co-workers, clients, and all other stakeholders with civility, courtesy, dignity and inclusiveness.

Human Rights

All human beings, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of human rights and the constitution of Guyana, are entitled to fair and equitable treatment regardless of sex, age, ethnicity etc.


A system of democratic leadership will prevail. An environment where employees feel valued will be fostered. Leaders will lead by example in a manner that unites and empowers.


Fostering and harnessing the creative abilities of a whole team will produce a rich selection of creative ideas and solutions. Creativity is the main pillar of Merundoi’s success. It epitomises what we do and creates avenues for innovative solutions and programmes, which help to achieve our strategic objectives.

Our Work

As the only Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Non Governmental Organisation (NGO ) in Guyana with a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved BCC edutainment methodology, Merundoi works towards strengthening communities, especially young adults and vulnerable populations, to take ownership of their attitudes, actions, and behaviours, and to work together for their mutual benefit.

Our mission is “modeling, fostering and reinforcing healthy choices and lifestyles through innovative public education, facilitating positive behaviour change, utilising the creative arts and mass media platform”. We facilitate attitudinal and behaviour change related to good health, environment, economic, social, and governance practices.