Merundoi is the longest running Radio Serial Drama in Guyana and the Caribbean and we are involved in Community Outreach Activities as part of our Edutainment Reinforcement methodology.

Participating in and coordinating Listening and Discussion Groups, Street (Forum) Theatre, In-School Drama, Exhibitions, and Workshops successfully in all the regions of Guyana have enabled the team to develop appropriate skills which include Conflict Resolution.

Our BCC edutainment strategy comprises Modeling and Reinforcement of behaviours and messages. Modeling of behaviours is done in the radio serial drama which is aired on NCN, Radio Paiwomak, 93.1 Real FM, and KUI (Kwakwani).

The storylines are crafted from research which is combined into a Data Summary Grid and this evidence base gives reality and accuracy to the drama. Listeners are therefore able to identify with the positive, negative, and transitional characters. These characters provide models for behaviour change, and the storylines reflect the culture and the support services of the local environment. The reinforcement of the messages is done at the individual and community levels through Listening and Discussion Groups (LDGs), In School-Drama, Public Listening Sites and Street (forum) Theatre.