House Dedication – Habitat of Humanity and Edward B. Beharry & Co Partnership


Habitat of Humanity partnered with Edward B. Beharry will be making a house dedication to another deserving citizen at a short ceremony.

Confirmation of house dedication – Clive Richmond
Date: July 10, 2014
Time: 12 noon
– At the Mocha Police Station turn into road
– Drive until the fourth bridge then make a right turn
– Follow road until deadend and turn right
– Follow road until another deadend and then turn left
– At the first corner turn right – second house on the left is Clive’s

Background on Clive

Clive Richmond is differently-able due to a motor vehicle accident in 2000. After several surgeries on his legs and extensive therapy Clive has one arm and unable to use his legs without support, thus, Clive is unable to work. At the time of the accident, Clive lived with his parents, his mother who was stressed out with his accident and the surgeries he had to undergo pass away one year afterwards and his father soon followed. With no one to support him Clive found himself on the streets begging. He lived on the streets for several years and continued begging to sustain himself. From begging Clive applied for and purchased a piece of land at Providence, East Bank Demerara. He approached several organizations for assistance to build but was unsuccessful. Clive and his situation was brought to the attention of Habitat Guyana, after review it was realized that Clive was an ideal candidate for housing intervention. Clive is a recipient of the Beharry Build/Habitat Guyana partnership. Clive is 47 years old and has no wife or children.

Beharry Build/Habitat Guyana Partnership

Partnership between Edward B Beharry & Company and Habitat for Humanity Guyana was established in 2013. The Beharry Build initiative saw a commitment from Beharry in support of housing intervention for single-parents, the extremely poor and those with no means to access housing finance. Every product sold ( chico, currypowder, chowmein etc.) by Beharry GY$1.00 is donated to Habitat towards the construction of homes for individuals that are extremely disadvantaged. Beharry staff also provide hours of volunteer work on build sites.

For further information please contact Mr. Rayad Boyce at 600-2666/623-2923 or Ms. Althea Norville 698-7153.

Kind Regards,
Althea Norville,
Marketing Assistant,
Sonic Buisness Services
223 Irving Street, Queenstown

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