This Week's Preview

    Aug 19-25, 2019

    If oil ah float watah deh ah battam. Unique senses something is wrong with her parents.

    Mr. Elton Goldman enters Merundoi. Who is he and what is his mission? Why is he questioning Sonny about small miners in the village? What does he know about Catalina’s family?

    Alexis and Denzil have an enlightening conversation in which she tells him about her plans for her baby and marriage and he discloses the pressure he is under from Kavita.

    Denzil meets Mr. Goldman. Are they related?

    Who says Chivalry is dead? Not Dinah Boston!

    Unique and Kevin are back from their honeymoon and Rhonda wants all the “details”. Not so Aubrey who complains to Kevin about his marriage.

    Rhonda is not happy about the demands of the public on her daughter, The Deputy Village Chairman , and why is she so uneasy as the Family goes out to dinner?

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