• 109 "E" Barrack Street, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana
  • TEL: (592) 231-4417
  • EMAIL: info@merundoi.org.gy
  • Chronic Disease "Diabetes" threatens John in this "Wake Up Call" skit performed by Merundoi Street Theatre

This Week's Preview

Nov 23-29, 2015

Big tree fall down, goat bite he leaf. What is to happen to Mohan?

Mohan gives Sgt. Murray a very important hint.

Vic has a man to man talk with his so Jai, but will it solve his dilemma?

The DNA results are in and Philip makes a life-changing decision.

Why is Officer Squires called in to Sgt. Murray’s office?

Jai makes a proposal to Ashma that confuses her totally!

Philip calls a meeting with Jennifer and Jason. What’s next for Baby Abigail?

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