This Week's Preview

    Dec 9-17, 2019

    It nah good to shove yuh foot in every stocking! Tell that to Sister Patsy!!

    The Village Council has implemented systems to ensure the residents care the environment but according to Sister Patsy, while behaviour change is taking place, more can be achieved if her recommendations are accepted. Why does Sgt. Murray have a different view?

    Sister Patsy and Howard’s wedding is quickly approaching.  How are preparations coming?

    Devine and Howard Horace discuss how Exxon Mobil contracts local suppliers. Sister Patsy takes sides and causes a confrontation. Will the Natural Resource Fund make a difference to their lives? Coretta has a plan to obtain sponsorship from Exxon Mobil. Is it another scam?

    What is happening to Alexis that sends Aunty Myrtle and Catalina in such a panic to call Nurse June and Denzil to contact Malachi?

    Green Ambassador Eva has convinced her father to distribute bins to drivers as a Christmas present . Why is this activity interrupted?

    Devine and Ryan’s relationship has reached crisis point. Will they separate or try to save their marriage?

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