This Week's Preview

    June 14-20, 2021

    Dah mouth dat man tek fuh court woman, ah de same mouth he ah tek an put she ah door!!

    Monica pulls Shelly “in for fitness”. How will she react?

    Benecia stands up to Alanzo!!!

    Ignatius becomes more suspicious and makes it known. What will his family and friends do?

    Heat appliances (eg. Irons) =more energy=higher light bill! Use less! Plug them out after use!

    Will the Double Date with Shelly, June, Ignatius and James be Double Happiness or Double Trouble?! Is Sister Patsy spying on Ignatius?

    What’s the update with Exxon’s drop from 120000 barrels a day to 30000 and flaring?

    Looks like the EPA has to visit Merundoi.  Who is burning hazardous waste and dumping?

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