This Week's Preview

    Dec 3-10, 2023

    Cat foot soft but he ah scratch bad. Is Xena a cat?

    The Doctor tells Catalina that Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can be caused by a sexually transmissible infections (STIs)  like chlamydia and gonorrhoea. So how did she get PID?

    Who has colon cancer? Will Catalina & Maurice’s wedding take place on Boxing Day?

    Why are Alexis & Denzil rushing over to their mother? What’s going on?

    What game is Xena playing? What proposal is she putting to Maurice? Will he accept?

    It started out as a happy family night for Devine, Ryan and the children but by the end of it, Ryan is crying bitterly!!!

    Catalina asks Maurice about his relationship with Devine. What’s his answer?