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    Some villagers are not happy with the new village council. Many problems are still evident in the community and movement on addressing the issues seems unhurried. How will it all unfold?
    How are plans coming for Devine and Ryan's wedding?  How does Sister Patsy's attraction to Cecil play out, and does James return to his old ways?

This Week's Preview

Aug 7-13, 2017

Fish ah deh ah watah but nah ah dam tap. Should Dinah get involved in Rhonda& Aubrey’s relationship?

What has Sonny done that has caused Bibi to become quite loud and angry causing Sunita to become worried about her mother’s mental stability?

Anil has become a permanent fixture in the shop since Mala is working there and makes a move to prove his intentions. How will be Mala’s reaction?

Aubrey discloses his intentions to Dinah who is determined to mend his relationship with Rhonda. Will she succeed?

The big day has arrived for the discussion about giving Eva the HPV vaccine. Will Joy give her consent?

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