• Chronic Disease "Diabetes" threatens John in this "Wake Up Call" skit performed by Merundoi Street Theatre

This Week's Preview

Dear Merundoi Fans,

Season 4 has ended.

Vic has accepted his son Jai’s sexuality and he and his wife Namela are excited about accepting Ashma’s baby as their grand-daughter. Jai is happy to have Ashma and Nicholas to confide in as his friends And looks forward to being a parent along with Ashma.

Sonia has become empowered and demands what she deserves – a happy family, a caring husband and most of all, self-fulfillment. Faced by the possibility of losing his wife and children, David has chosen Sonia over his lover, Debra and is determined to be a dutiful father and husband. He starts by taking Sonia away for a romantic weekend.

Jai and Sonia have been helped to acquire life skills to deal with their suicide attempts through counselling with Dr. Anderson.

We thank you for continued support, and wish to thank PAHO-WHO for for sponsoring our Suicide Prevention story-lines. As we get ready for Season 5, we invite you to enjoy Jubilee Homecoming.

Merundoi encourages you to call the suicide prevention helplines for information and assistance.

Suicide prevention helplines:
223-0001, 223-0009, 600-7896, 623-4444, 227-8255, 223-0818 & 223-0338