This Week's Preview

    Apr 15-22, 2019

    If yuh finger get sore, nah tek am and throw way! The sooner Malachi realises this, the better!

    Coretta and Sister Patsy are at Dinah’s Snackette but they only thing they have in common is ordering some good Cookup and Cow Heel Soup.

    It looks like the Village Council’s Computer Training Programme will attract a cross-section of villagers, including sworn enemies. Hopefully there will be no conflict only learning.

    Who stole Joy’s $30,000?! Simon gives Joy an ultimatum.

    Eva’s wishes include a visit to the Haags Bosch Landfill Site and living with her Mom and Dad in the same house. Will she get her heart’s desire?

    Malachi is back for Easter as promised but has he fulfilled the other promises he made to Alexis?

    Bryan confesses to Malachi how he feels about Devine. What have they been up to?

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