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    Catch up with your Merundoi Friends!

    Some villagers are not happy with the new village council. Many problems are still evident in the community and movement on addressing the issues seems unhurried. How will it all unfold?
    How are plans coming for Devine and Ryan's wedding?  How does Sister Patsy's attraction to Cecil play out, and does James return to his old ways?

This Week's Preview

Feb 20-26, 2017

Big tree fall down, goat bite he leaf. Is Ignatius losing his power?

It’s the first meeting of the Merundoi Environmental Club and it is being chaired by Lucille. Will it be a success or a disaster, given her history in the village?

June receives some important information about Catalina and approaches her after the meeting. What has she learnt?

Mash Day promises to be quite eventful as Shelly, Ignatius, Corretta, Rhonda, Unique and Kevin hit the road but are their objectives the same? Will they clash or complement each other?

What Shelly tells Ignatius leaves him stunned.

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