This Week's Preview

     Sept 17-23, 2018

    Nah because dog ah play with yuh he nah bite yuh. Be careful Myrtle!!

    Nomination Day for Local Government Elections has arrived and with it comes anxiety for Sonny and Ignatius but why is Simon so happy?

    Will they be able to submit their documents to the Returning Officer?

    Does Myrtle agree to get Simon’s computer for Coretta?

    Ignatius and Sonny disagree on the strategy to stop the negative posts about them.

    Why is Guyana Power and Light in Merundoi? Are they losing income here?

    Myrtle is getting very anxious. Is Coretta to blame?

    Shelly and Ignatius are arguing on Nomination Day. How will this affect his campaign?

    Who seems to be winning the popular support on Nomination Day?

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