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    Some villagers are not happy with the new village council. Many problems are still evident in the community and movement on addressing the issues seems unhurried. How will it all unfold?
    How are plans coming for Devine and Ryan's wedding?  How does Sister Patsy's attraction to Cecil play out, and does James return to his old ways?

This Week's Preview

Aug 22-28, 2016

Clath ah easy fuh dutty but hard fuh wash. Will James return to his old ways?

Sister Patsy requests her wedding invitation from Lawrence and Ryan and is not pleased with their response. She later tries to see Cecil and ends up in a heated altercation with Lucille.

Lawrence has a heart to heart talk with his future son-in- law and lays down the rules for his marriage to Devine.

The Council meets again to get consensus on pursuing the Plan of Action for Regional Development. The voices for and against are equally strong but one member becomes convinced and crosses the floor while Monica and Ignatius end up in an intense argument.

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