This Week's Preview

    Aug 3-9, 2020

    If dutty ah deh ah roof tap, yuh barrel ah catch am. What’s the difference between Simon & Son?!

    Alexis confronts Malachi about his actions. How will he respond?

    Devine would like to work from the office sometimes but she has to observe ExxonMobil’s safety guidelines including 33% staff capacity. Should she tell her Manager she’s pregnant?

    Bryan has ideas to boost the Council’s COVID-19 Communication Strategy but will his advice be accepted?

    Pepper is donating her blood plasma to help persons affected by the virus.

    What has Malachi overheard on the phone?

    Unique advises Devine how to deal with the Bryan/Ryan situation but is it credible guidance?

    Mala has taken Kavita to the Gynaecologist. What has she discovered?

    Bryan calls Devine’s phone and thinks he talking to her. Who is on the other end? What did they hear?

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