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    Some villagers are not happy with the new village council. Many problems are still evident in the community and movement on addressing the issues seems unhurried. How will it all unfold?
    How are plans coming for Devine and Ryan's wedding?  How does Sister Patsy's attraction to Cecil play out, and does James return to his old ways?

This Week's Preview

May 22-28, 2017

If oil ah float watah deh ah battam. Catalina check who is the caller!!!

When Aunty Myrtle made the suggestion to Simon to take Catalina out to dinner it was to heal the tension between the couple. Will her hopes be accomplished?

Who’s calling Simon late at night?

Bibi visits The Bostons and has a chat with Rhonda. Will she succeed in convincing her to visit the gynaecologist?

Why does Catalina visit Sister Patsy? Is it the end for Simon and Catalina?

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