This Week's Preview

    Mar 30-Apr 5, 2020

    Nobody want dutty powder. Poor Coretta laments her reputation in Merundoi!

    Sonny advises Anil about his marriage. Will he take heed?

    The coronavirus impacts Merundoi as they practice social distancing and hand-washing which is also part of the Ministry of Communities 3-G programme.

    The Council has a village meeting that may be the last one for a while but the topic interests Coretta so much that she intends to pursue information on the National Resource Fund and you know who else?

    Guyana has received US$55 million from the sale of its first million barrels of oil but will the pandemic affect the future proceeds. Unique discloses there’s more money to come from another source.

    Shelly confronts Coretta about attending her vows ceremony uninvited! Coretta is not happy about being embarrassed in public and makes a serious threat!

    Why is Ignatius so interested in the tyre project?

    Lucille and Cecil argue over oil but it’s not from Exxon Mobil.

    Will Mala forgive Anil?

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