This Week's Preview

    Sept 14-20, 2020

    Fish and cast-net nah friend. Mala discovers this to her utter horror!

    Anil has gone to his mining operation in the interior where the situation with the coronavirus is becoming serious. Mala is anxious and we pray he’ll be safe but she has more to be worried about with Kavita and Kemol.

    Catalina and Shelly offer Mala advice to improve her relationship with Kavita but will it be helpful with this teenager?

    Ignatius has decided that his nephew, Alanzo, will be coming from Berbice to stay with him and Shelly. She has reservations especially in this pandemic season. What impact will he have on Merundoi?

    Sister Patsy has told June that James walked Catalina home. How will June interpret her husband’s actions? The mystery person has called again but this time asks for James. Why?

    Kavita has done it again!!! This time it’s worse than before!

    Why is Kemol crying so bitterly? Is it only his basketball friends that he’s missing?

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