This Week's Preview

    Oct 19-25, 2020

    Orange yellow but yuh nah know if he sweet. What will Alanzo bring to the Thomas household?!

    Coretta causes confusion in Merundoi again! Food poisoning?! From where?!

    Cecil wants the workers from the GPL Power Utility Upgrade Programme to check their home because he wants to benefit from an improved electricity supply but has to convince Lucille.

    Did Ignatius visit Boston Restaurant just to buy roti and curry?

    Exxon Mobil continues to hire and train Guyanese despite COVID-19 but what is restraining Dinah and Unique from registering with the Center For Local Business Development?!

    Why is Shelly uncomfortable around Alanzo? Is it because he doesn’t wash his hands often while cooking or does it have something to do with the swimming pool?

    Anil is happy to see Bryan in the interior but is shocked that he is drinking 70% alcohol to combat COVID!! ….but that is the least of his worries!

    James makes a disclosure to June that stuns her!!!

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