This Week's Preview

    Nov 23-29, 2020

    Contrary breeze ah mek crow and eagle light on one line. Who are the eagle and crow?

    Bibi declares her policy about Meena’s upbringing. Will she and Mala clash over this?

    Goldman and Anil are concerned about COVID safety measures for persons entering Guyana illegally. How can they assist? Will they be able to celebrate Christmas in Merundoi?

    There is a change in Sis. Patsy and Coretta’s relationship. Sonny is totally confused

    Who’s really paying for Coretta’s groceries?

    Sonny clashes with Bibi about cooking stew!

    Which institution is Alanzo really interested in working with? The Power Utility Upgrade Programme or on the Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel.

    James confides in Catalina but is this a wise move given their history?

    June shares her decision about James’s “son” with her Father.

    Who is on the phone to Anil?

    Is there some attraction between Alanzo and Shelly

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