This Week's Preview

    Jan 20-26, 2020

    Dog buy rum, cow drink am, hog in sty get drunk!! Lucille is back with her snoopish ways!!

    Denzil surprises his Mom and Aunty Myrtle with his discovery about Exxon Mobil’s policy on disaster preparedness and treatment of the environment

    Maxine questions her mother intensely about the fire. Will she get the truth? Sgt. Murray is bewildered! Will he arrest Sister Patsy?

    Lucille is happy that she can go on line and easily get information if she is on the Revised Voters List but she’s not comfortable that James is out “buying food”. What is her next move?

    James explains to Maxine how the Natural Resource Fund will be managed and invested for the benefit of present and future generations but is she really interested in the NRF or him?

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