This Week's Preview

    Mar 1-7, 2021

    If cow-man pass wild meat whah mek me must pick up am. Mr. Goldman advises Bryan.

    What is wrong with Bibi? Is it something “hot tea” can cure?

    June and Sonny are disturbed about the residents’ mental health due to COVID. What will they do?

    Bryan returns to Merundoi with a mission to claim “his” baby! The drama starts!!!!

    The Power Utility Upgrade saves money for Bibi & Sonny and she’s happy to invest the savings but she’s very unhappy with Anil and Mala.

    PlanetGold is here!! Good news for miners, the environment and hinterland residents!

    Lawrence has the facts about Exxon’s flaring even as Monica receives bad news from her cousin on the Essequibo!

    Why does “Officer Moore” plan to call 674-PUUP?

    Ryan rushes Devine, in serious pain, to the hospital. Is the baby coming? Everyone waits!!

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