This Week's Preview

    July 16-22, 2018

    When yuh play out all yuh trump cards yuh gat to lose till game done. James needs to be cautious if he wants to be re-elected as a Councillor.

    Now that Unique is engaged to Kevon will they be victims of Stigma & Discrimination from his Family and the Community knowing that she is HIV positive?

    Is Rhonda thinking of migrating to the USA with Baby Jamari?

    Sonny is disturbed about Bibi’s attitude towards her wifely duties and confides in Lawrence. Guess who overhears their conversation and decides to act?

    Who is Babita Balgobin?

    Is June really going to divorce James?

    The duties of Councillors include looking after the needs and challenges of the Residents, developing the resources of the Community and ensuring that they do nothing to bring the council into disrepute. How does Simon intend to use this information to his benefit?

    Why is there is a showdown in the Restaurant?

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