This Week's Preview

    Feb 24-Mar 1, 2020

    “When man done suck cane he dash peeling pan ground”. Howard be careful with Coretta!

    Baby Hannah has been discharged from hospital but will she come home to a happy family?

    Denzil advises Aunty Myrtle how blind or incapacitated persons will be able to vote.

    Bryan is interested in the Public Accountability & Oversight Committee (PAOC) but is stunned why Devine asks him a searching question. Malachi wonders what is going on with Devine.

    Shelly and Ignatius differ over the relationship between Ryan and Pepper. What will be the outcome?

    What is “crude lifting”? Coretta has a proposal for Howard Horace but does it have anything to do with Floating Production Storage and Offloading?

    Mala has difficulty with the voting process. Can Shelly help her? Ignatius thinks she needs help with more than voting?!

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