This Week's Preview

    Apr 12-18, 2021

    When man mek heself sugar he mattie ah suck am. Who is sweet and who has a sweet tooth?!

    Sonny accompanies Bibi to the Doctor. She thinks she has Cancer. Is she correct?

    Is it “Love at First Sight” for John? What about Coretta? Where is this relationship heading?

    Shelly and Mala discuss the merits and demerits of having an ‘older” man as a partner. Some startling revelations are made!

    Why is Goldman pressing Dinah to invest in the mining industry? Is Unique right?

    Bibi makes a request of Mala in the event of her death. What did the Doctor tell her?

    The “ripple effect” continues with Action Invest Caribbean Inc. coaching local companies. Will Boston Restaurant be one of the beneficiaries?

    Dinah thinks Coretta and John are like “oil & water”. Can they mix?

    It’s Benecia’s Birthday Bacchanal!!!  Who participates? Who’ll have Chinese food?

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