This Week's Preview

    Nov 12-18, 2018

    Big tree fall down, goat bite he leaf. Who are the tree and goats?

    It’s Election Day!! Everyone is heading to the Polling Stations. What will be the outcome?

    Will Unique and Cecil, the youngest and oldest candidates respectively win seats on the Council?

    Dinah is preparing cook-up for the Celebration Party but will she be disappointed?

    Coretta visits Simon with an offer. Will he accept?

    Unique attends the funeral of the boy who was electrocuted when he tried to steal power from the post and shares with Dinah the other consequences of electricity theft.

    Catalina and Myrtle head over to the police station and leave Alexis at home to finish some chores. What a surprise greets them on their return!!!!

    Sister Patsy and Coretta are fighting for Cecil’s attention. Who will be the best woman?!

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