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The village of Merundoi is very excited about Guyana's 50th Independence Celebrations.  If you are in Guyana or part of the Diaspora, join the Merundoi villagers in their activities and get updates on Jubilee events.

Sister Patsy, the village gossip, is always boasting about her daughter who lives “in foreign” and according to Dinah Boston, the bush lady, is “ always coming and could nevah meet” . She will be pleasantly  surprised early one morning.

Rhonda Boston’s “child-father”, Aubrey is flying in from New York (does she still love him enough to get married after such a long separation?) .

Merundoi takes part in the Best Kept Village Competition, but mobilising resources is a challenge. However with the fund-raising bingo, that shouldn’t be a problem, but deciding on a venue poses to be a great issue for Dinah and Sister Patsy.

Diane, the seamstress, is busy with the demands for outfits and is challenged when Bibi suggests that they enter the Float Parade. Diane’s husband, Arthur, Fineman, Lawrence and Boyo work together, despite being novices, to build the costumes.

Dinah and her nemesis, Sister Patsy are at odds over who will provide the snacks for the bingo. Nurse June Williams as usual has to be the peacemaker. Of course the children are involved, because Diane’s daughter has won the verse-speaking competition at school and has become the village pet because she will represent Merundoi at the Youth Expo.

Young Ryan wants to get engaged to Lawrence’s one and only child, Devine, but how will he convince him that his intentions are honourable?

Various persons prepare to attend and/or participate the national activities eg National Totem Pole Run, Steel Pan Competition, Phagwah, Film Festival and the Jubilee Festival. Each activity comes with much humour and information.